BWOM 10 trip June 21-25 (ish)

Hey all, just posted a video on the Youtube channel about BWOM 10.  Yep, there is going to be one final BWOM trip.   The plan is to head out from Bridgeport, WV on June 21st, and head to the Tail of the Dragon.   The next day Trace and I, and my buddy Bill will be riding the tail, and then relax in the evening and grab some dinner.  then the next day will be heading to Barber Motorsports Museum, and then over the next couple of days, heading back to Bridgeport. 




1.  While at the Dragon, I am going to spread the last of Billmaas ashes.   I kept some, because during the planning for BWOM 9, I watched the Road to Gumption (BWOM 4) and noted that Billy never made it to the Dragon, and I decided then that I would take a small portion of him there.  Every rider should go at least once.  

2.  Since the BWOM 9 movie was just Trace and I, and a lot of folks asked if they could ride along or meet somewhere, and we felt it should be just us, I wanted to open this ride up to anyone.   I would love to meet anyone who subscribed to Billmaa or cared about Billy, or just liked the videos.  Anyway, the invite is out there.   Shoot me a message at if you would like to join us, meet up for coffee or a beer, or just hang out for dinner.  

Thanks again everyone for watching the vids and leaving the comments.  Its pretty awesome to see how Billy changed folks lives and entertained them!!!

Almost Done (Thanks for the patience)

Hey all, I know it is taking forever to get BWOM 9 out.   I have three excuses:

1.  It took a bit for me to figure out this software and sort out all the editing.

2.  My birthday is around Halloween, so we always have a party.   This year, we decided on KISS, and I had to build a full Gene Simmons costume from scratch.

3.  FOR my birthday, my wife got me a meet and greet with Gene Simmons himself.   (pictures attached).  

So, hang in there, I plan on having the movie done and out by the 1st of February, and I hope it will be solid.    Thanks again for the patience. 


Back at it!!!

Hey all!    I am back in the editing room working on the movie.   It has taken a little longer I am sure because I have to get in the groove of the software.   Its not difficult, just if you don't use it every day, you forget where things go, etc etc.    

That being said, I am digging in and working on this thing to get it on here, and on youtube as soon as I can.   I don't want it to be a rush job, so it will take a bit of time, but its coming.   

Thanks for all the emails, comments, stories and photos, as always.    It really is something!!!



Hey all, 

Just a quick update.    I have been slacking a little bit on any website updates, movie, etc.   Work is always crazy, and I took a couple weeks off to go to the Silverstone MotoGP race.   I made some BWOM cards and put them in a few of the bikes in the parking lot!   BWOM international edition.  Silverstone was great, and I toured around Scotland as well.  As I was with the wife and friend, I unfortunately was unable to ride a motorcycle while I was there, but I did brave the idea of renting a car to get around after the race, which was pretty interesting to drive on the left side of the road and right side of the car.   

I was pretty excited about driving a Vauxhall, Seat, Peugeot, or something a little different, and they gave me a Ford.   Still great trip, came back exhausted, but am now digging into the movie prep more.   I had a whole bunch of our (Trace and Billy and I) old home movies, some of which made it to Youtubes silver screen, but I wanted to scour that footage and see what I could find.   

The movie is going to take a little bit, but I promise I am working on it and it is coming!!!!!  I have gotten some really cool stories from riders, and posted them in the Fan stories section!   Keep them coming.   

Lastly, my email is, if you have any stories, ideas, or just want to say hey!

thanks for all the comments and support.   


BWOM 9-Last Train to Jackson Trailer is up

If you havent already seen, the trailer for the new BWOM movie (Last train to Jackson) is up.  Check it out, leave a comment, lemme know what you think!   (as long as it isnt a bad comment, because I cant take criticism well :)    JK).   Thanks for getting into this stuff with us, and as a reminder, if you have any pics of you guys at state lines, etc, with the tshirts or stickers, etc, and stories, send them my way at   I have a portion of the website dedicated to those and they are really cool. 

Successful Adventure

Well, we are on the tail end of what will be BWOM 9.   It was a successful, and also emotional trip, which saw us travel through at least 11 states, in areas with snow on the ground, and passed herds of Buffalo (or Bison as it were).  We hit elevations as high as 9,705 ft, and appear to have possibly also been captured by the google street view car at one point.  We were able to fulfill Billmaa's wishes for where he would have wanted his ashes spread, which was the most important thing to us all.  Everything else was very secondary to that.  

Once the task Billmaa gave us was accomplished, we could move into the rest of the ride, BWOM style, in order to film a BWOM like he would have wanted us to.  

I know he will be missed by everyone, and is certainly missed by myself, Tracy, and his family, but we can all share in the happy memories of how he entertained us, motivated us to motorcycle around, and how we all loved Billy.  


Tracy here..

We are almost done with the ride.  We completed a very difficult task, but an important one at that.  There are still a lot of emotions surrounding this trip.  I will upload a vlog soon to talk about it, since I haven't really said much since everything happened.  

I'm glad we were able to do what we did.  Hopefully if any of you ever pass through Jackson, you'll stop by Signal Mountain and say hi to our friend.  He will be there in spirit, I assure you.

We all miss Billy more than can be put into words.  As I said on the mountain when we were offering our thoughts, it is not good bye, but until we see you again, my friend.



48 Hours to go

Well the time is nigh.     I have prepped the bike, packed the bags, and got everything ready.   I have booked some hotels, planned some sights that might make things more interesting, and have also decided to start my BWOM 50 states trek with this ride at Tracys suggestion.   I never had the drive for the 50 states that they did.   I was always more interested in hitting other countries and things.   Now that it is close, it is both exciting and something that Tracy and I are dreading.   It is definitely not a trip that we wanted to make, but that we have to.  

Two weeks out

Well, we are a couple weeks out from the trip.  Talked to Trace yesterday and had some ride talks.   I changed out the tires last weekend, and put the Metzelers on the shelf for some Continentals.   Never tried them, but they got good reviews, so we will see.  Cleaned up the FZ, changed the fluids, and all that.  I think I have sorted out all the camera stuff and what to do with it.   Im not retarded, I know how to use a camera, but making sure I at least have a plan.  Ive got everything set out that I am packing for the trip.  

I appreciate everybody commenting, and connecting, and really dig the love.   


Nicky Hayden

I remember seeing Nicky Hayden race at Pikes Peak raceway in Colorado, pretty early in his career.   At that time, Scott Russell was still racing, as was Anthony Gobert (though he left to go to motogp with Bimota and skipped this race).  I remember seeing him race the RC51 and bring home a championship.   I was always a Rossi fan, and was really mad when Nicky beat Rossi for the MotoGP Championship, but it was easier to take than Marquez or Stoner for sure, because Nicky was one of those guys you cant help but like.   I remember meeting the Hayden parents at Indy one year during the MotoGP.   They sat and talked to me for quite a while while, and were the most down to Earth folks.  It is a real tragedy, and very sad that Nicky is gone. 

It doesnt make sense sometimes how someone can ride ferocious two wheeled monsters professionally, in some of the most competitive series in the world, while trusting a shoe sized footprint of rubber to keep them from careening out of control at upwards of 200MPH, and then be killed when crossing a street on a bicycle.

It seems to me that you can never tell when your time is going to be up.  You can be careful or reckless, you just don't know. That being said....

I wouldn't put things off too long.   

30 days to the Garage door closing

Well, we are a month exactly from leaving on the trip.  Being a planner, I have already done what I do.   I put together a spreadsheet about where we are going, listed the mileage, some interesting things to visit, and checked for hotels around.  

I then put together a packing list.   I thought first that I would watch Billmaas how to pack for a road trip, but I thought, "part of the adventure is making your way, challenging yourself a bit, and seeking the adventure."  I will certainly watch the masters instructions when I return, but don't want to get the answers to the test early.  

I also worked to transform the motorcycle.   The steed for this ride is going to be a 2012 Yamaha FZ8.  I configured this into a cafe style Streetfighter.  Swap out the bubble for the stock tail and taillight.  Swap out the exhaust (loud fun exhaust may be irritating after the first 300 miles or so).  Stock exhaust it is.  

Put the passenger footpegs back on, just in case Tracy fills the bike with too much oil again, and I have to passenger him somewhere.   Been down that road with a bored out GSXR of his.  

Ive rewatched the BWOM series (still finishing up Pirates), and have too much to live up to.  I thought I would get new ideas, but Billy seems to have used them all up.  Thats alright, no pressure (I kid).  

Lastly, the route.  Our plan is to head from Philly for Tracy, and Bridgeport, WV for me, through Columbus, Peoria, and on to Omaha.   Pick up Billmaas ashes, and head to his favorite place in the world, Jackson Hole.  The plan is to spread his ashes (except for a small vial I will keep for the trip to Deals Gap next year.  Then back through Crazy Horse, and a few other places on the way home that should be much like things he would enjoy, 

I plan on doing a daily video, or at least an occasional video to keep you guys updated.   

thanks for all the support!!!!!!


Website update and more pics and stories

Hey all, Kev here.   I have updated a couple portions of the website as I strive for website nirvana.  :)   The trips/50 states portion of the site have been combined, as the 50 states is really a part of the trips.   I have started to attach embedded links to the video series about the trips themselves.   So thats neat!!!

ALSO, the tshirt/sticker portion of the website, I think, is vastly improved.   Instead of being a link to the zazzle store, there are individual links to each of the shirts and each of the stickers.   Should be much easier to navigate I hope.   

LASTLY, continue to send me pics of you with the BWOM stuff or with a BILLMAA note, next to a sign, with a story, to my   I am plugging those into a section called BWOM fan stories, so that you will be a part of the website also.  

I am planning a ride, not just sitting behind the computer.  I promise!!!!!

State line pictures

Hey guys, Kevin here.   I got a suggestion from a subscriber to the Youtube site that I thought was a cool idea.  Flatulent Badger suggested to me that the quest for the 50 state signs as one of the things he will always remember.  He suggested that if anyone wanted to go to a state sign, Country sign, Street sign(or even your favorite place to eat), and take a pic (with a bywayofmotorcycle tshirt, sticker, or maybe a sign saying "we miss you Billmaa), that it would be a cool collection of pics to have.   

If anyone does this, and sends me a pic, or comments below, etc with their heroic tale of getting the state, and a pic with it, Ill put the info up on the 50 states part of the website, or somewhere.   Havent really figured that out yet, but it will get up here.  

Thanks.   And thanks to those who have purchased the shirts already, its cool to think that BWOM stuff is out there!!!!!

Billy Musick 1972-2017


Kev here.   It is with huge sadness that I let everyone know (who doesn't already) that Billy passed away around Christmas last year(2016).  He was a friend of mine for as long as I can remember.   I was lucky enough to have two best friends in Billy and Tracy, and can not believe that he is no longer here.   We met because alphabetically, he sat behind me in English class, 11th grade.  We were inseparable after that.   I joined the Army, and when I left, he got a video camera.   The movies really started then.   He and Tracy started hanging out a lot and making movies for me.   They would drive around and film motorcycle shops, stupid dinner conversations, whatever, and he would put them to music.   It was awesome, like being home.   When I got back home, we all moved into a condo together, and again were inseparable.   We shared a love of music, motorcycles and fun.

Fast forward to adulthood.  Most recently, we both started collecting old star wars toys, and in both our cases, it escalated quickly.   Billy and Brecken (his son) and Liz (my wife) and I went to Star Wars celebration.   It was great to get to spend some time with Brecken and Billy, as it seemed that we did not get together nearly enough.    We would text a lot, about any number of things.   We were planning to hang out a lot more, and had really started talking a lot about a month before he passed.    It is very frustrating and sad to me that he left so early.   I know he loved Brecken like nothing else, and I don't know anyone who he didn't make smile and laugh.   He will be missed.