BWOM Fan Stories/pics

Lets keep the stories coming....

Lets keep the stories coming....

I set this portion of the website aside to add stories and pictures of fans of BWOM.  You can email me a pic with your bike and a BWOM tshirt or sticker, and a story of your ride out there.  Ill throw those and any other stories up here.  Thanks---Weezie.


Hello, my name is Israel H, I currently live in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and BWOM changed my life.



In 2012 (My hell year) mom and best friend died, quit my job, got divorced, etc etc..I moved to Guadalajara to get out of Cd. Juarez. 



After about 6 months living down there I was on vacation in Guanajuato and very lost in my life. I had a dream of making motorcycle trips, after little research on line I found BWOM and just clicked. I sold my jeep, bought a motorcycle, moved back home and started following Billy’s footsteps I am about 50% done territory wise and about 25% done with the states but I would love to remember and honor the person who inspired me to get back on the bike and shape what is now my life…






Hi Kevin 

I would just like to send you a photo I did as a tribute to BWOM and Billy, it was a couple of years back and I had been inspired to get back out on two wheels by Billys videos of his rides.

I bought an old 1976 Kawasaki Kz750 restored it and then rode it from Manchester in the UK to the War Memorial in Bastogne, Belgium.

Phone z2 import pictures and videos 701.jpg

The war memorial has all 50 States engraved into it to commemorate the men who were killed in action from those states.

As a BWOM inspired tribute I took a photo of myself under the Nebraska section for Billy.

It was after this that a bit of YouTube banter and emails started with Billy, and some BWOM Stickers made there way to the UK, they are now on my bike and I will try to find a photo where they can be seen clearly and send one on.

I think its great that you and Tracy are going to carry on with the BWOM site, I can not express how fundamental the Bwom series and Billy's infectious passion has been, in me actually getting up of my arse and taking control of the fun part of life that to often gets side-lined and forgotten in the every day antics of life, and the Rat Race of work and Bills!

Thank you for your time and persistence in keeping this going, I still don't think you have yet grasped just how important this is to the everyday average Guy or Girl that has or is still yet to be inspired! It really has made a Massive difference to my lifestyle and outlook on life.

Phone z2 import pictures and videos 647.jpg

I hope these photos attach ok .. ( If not ill try and send them separately)

Thanks again.

John H.

(The Non American English Guy)

From Pearse K...

Hey Kevin,

I was on the BWOM site the other night and it dawned on me that I never sent this email and I saw your near the end of Bilmaa's farewell ride I do hope it has gone with out any hiccups.

  I mentioned to you in a comment back in late April I think on YouTube.  That I was going to trade in my Kawasaki Er-6N for a VFR and take it to France on a charity bike in September. It's my way to do something tohoner Bilmaa's memory. Well sir I did indeed get the VFR and it is some machine. I took it for a good spin the other day. I left the house at 9am and came back at 9pm. Am not much of a video person my self more of a photo guy. But am going to try and document it.  Am more on Instagram my self as Megakane84 if your interested to follow.

Hopefully I've attached the picture's probably and you can see that I was not messing. If I didn't you can see them on Instagram