Treasure Tin #2

Treasure tin 3.JPG

Well, once this one comes out, everyone will find it a pretty familiar site also.  Cal C. has taken the challenge on this tin, and he told me that " Literally, because of Billy and Tracy's exploits, (mainly, pirates of the Arctic Circle) my best friend, Alan, and I have, for the past two years, collected 35 states (i think). We are finalizing our plans to get the final of the lower 48 this spring." 

This is exactly why Billmaa loved doing this stuff, to be an inspiration for people to grab hold of motorcycling and the road, and also why I worked on all this in his stead.  I wish Cal all the luck in grabbing this one, and cant wait to see the Vids and Pics.   Ill keep everyone up to speed on the trip when I get info. 

UPDATE 4/11/2018

Good morning.

Alan and I fly out of Charlotte early on 5-21 for Pasco/Kennewick Washington. We'll land around noon, local time. Rattlesnake Mountain HD is the shipping destination for our bikes and Art, in service, has been completely flexible about hosting our bikes and what we are doing. The dealership is 7 miles from the airport and it's likely, since we are shipping the bikes already packed, we'll be on the road within an hour or so of touchdown.

Deals gap is not that far for us and it's on our calendar but I haven't made reservations. The other trip (and life) have been in the cross hairs. We will meet you guys at Deals gap. 

UPDATE 4/1/2018

I got an email update from Cal yesterday.  He said "This coming Tuesday we hope to secure a shipping destination for the bikes. Then we will go ahead and book the transport and buy our plane tickets. We are looking at May 5 to fly out. I hope you and all of yours are safe this Easter weekend."   His route appears to be from Washington to South Carolina, so quite a haul.    Its going to be a crazy trip, and I cant wait to hear the stories.